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How I use chatGPT

I’m sorry it’s been so long. Like BC (before Covid) long. 

My update: still doing the product thing, but have swerved my product writing into fiction writing – my haphazard excuse for years of silence.

I promise to drop in more this year though. Not like “Cambria, slow your roll” more. Just like 1x/month more. 

So, welcome to the January edition. 

I have to start, of course, with generative ML. Partly because we are still straddling the “why is this useful” and “exciting!” part of its S curve, and I want to tip the scale more definitively towards the “exciting!” end. But, mostly because I have come to view it as a thought partner (perhaps even a confidant?) and I feel the need to defend it (don't proclaim me a heretic please).

I’ve mostly been using chatGPT as a creative writing partner to help me brainstorm setting concepts and to give me quick feedback on prose. Some examples: 

But, I recently used it at work to help synthesize over 15k pieces of customer feedback. I used to allocate hours to do this type of tagging and synthesis and now it takes seconds. 

Here was the prompt: Can you please synthesize the themes from the following feedback? Include a few examples within each theme and frequency. 

Here was the output (using my own family side business as an example):

How have you all been using chatGPT? 

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