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Solution Brainstorming

Last week, I ran a remote brainstorming exercise with my team.

The idea: we created an as-is scenario map and then brainstormed ideas on how we could potentially solve the problem themes we identified. Here was the agenda:

  1. Intro [10 min]

  2. Create as-is scenario map [20 min]

  3. Share examples [20 min]

  4. Brainstorm big ideas [20 min]

  5. Share ideas & wrap [20 min]

It went really well, and I've done a variation of this a few times now, so I thought I'd unpack how you can set it up for your team.

  1. Pick the challenge you’re ideating on (e.g. how can we improve the customer support experience? how can we better help patients throughout their healthcare journey?)

  2. Prep materials. Outline the core steps in your scenario map and create some examples in it to get folks started.

Here's the bones of our scenario map before the session started vs after:

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